Humans fake it all the time. It’s one of the more impressive skills that evolution gave us. But faking it has a bad reputation. People don’t believe you when you fake it. To us, faking it has untapped potential. It means adapting to people and situations around you. Stepping into the creative minds of others. 

What makes us a unique branding partner is that when we fake it, we believe every word. We’re multidimensional and mysterious. We’re not fake. We’re Faker. 


We transform your authentic and wild ideas into a brand identity you and your customers will believe in. We zero in on what makes your company unique and build a brand design and strategy that answers all the existential questions companies should answer. 

To tell your story, we start with the overarching brand identity and strategy, and then design the guidelines and assets you need to share your story with the right audience. 

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We believe in authenticity and in the unreal

What does that mean?

To be authentic is to honor the most intrinsic parts of who you are as a brand. We believe companies truly succeed when they look inward and share who they are at their most authentic. 

Sounds unreal? What’s unreal is what makes your brand mysterious and magical, ineffable and sticky. Our goal is to transform what others would label unreal into unbelievably authentic branding. 

We love authentic and unreal brands because they stand for something. They’re in touch with their purpose. So let’s get authentic and unreal together. 

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Step into our office (or into a video call, because life is strange), and you'll be met with wild optimism and obsessive interest in your idea. We unpack your brand vision and help you reassemble it into something tangible that retains everything you love about it. 

Everything that made it yours in the first place. 

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Our core values power our ability to turn what makes you authentic and unreal into compelling brand storytelling. 


We rely on discovery. We go for the outlandish and never-been-thought-of-before.


We dive into the unknown and love to take risks. Your story is worth it. 


We adapt the way we work to reach your desired outcome. Time and space are our playthings.


We'll always be honest with you. We can’t tell authentic brand stories without honest and open communication, can we?

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